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Week three/ Project 52/Amy Horton Photography, DFW Lifestyle Photographer

I have started a Project 52 this year. I will be taking a photo once a week and posting it on Friday. The subject will usually vary, but it will always be something I love, or that inspires me. You can check out my other Project 52 subjects if you scroll down just a bit. :)

This week I chose our dog, Princess. She is sweet, cuddly, and mischevious. She puts up with the girls dressing her up in baby doll clothes, and picking her up constantly. She sleeps curled up behind my knees (yep, she's a spooner) and she always greets me at the door. She also helps me weed out the girls toys as she chews their abandoned stuffed animals.
I think she is a looker, but some tend to disagree. As my friend Holly once put it, "she's so ugly, she's pretty".

I love her so much. She is also a ham, and loves to have her photo taken (one of the reasons she and I get along so well).


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