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10 on 10-January Edition

I have joined with 9 other photographers to capture 10 photos on the 10th of each month.  It is so challenging!

Once again, I am in awe of just how hard it is to take time to shoot for me.  This project is all about capturing what life is like, and so this month I chose the last half of my day on a Wednesday.  My husband is a youth pastor, so I play the role of helper, and wannabe teenager several times a week.  Wednesday is one of the most crazy days of the week for us.  Here's what it looks like.

Here is Princess, seated as my co-pilot on our way to pick up my girls from school! She loves it.

Checking the horizon for signs of them.

They always rush in the door, glad to be home.
And promptly drop their things in the middle of the floor and leave them there.

My oldest arrives a little later. 

Yum, our Wednesday night dinner.

Did I mention I get to be a part of an amazing teen worship team?  Love my time with them.

 Romans 10:14-15 - Beautiful Are the Feet of Those Who Bring Good News              
Some of the feet of our teens.
Peanut butter toast for my picky eater. C'mon, who doesn't like Chick Fil'A? 

A little quiet time for me, finally. 

Now head over to Carey and see what she has cooked up for this month.

2011-The Images

I had such so much fun at work this year.  From the weddings, to the babies, to the sweet families I got the chance to meet, every day was an incredible blessing to do what I love and it's all because of you.  I'm almost positive that 2012 will be just as fun, if not better!  Here are some of my favorite images from 2011!

If you aren't on my blog today, it doesn't mean that I don't cherish the images we captured together, only that I don't have nearly enough time to blog them all.  I look forward to this next year as we make new memories together!

Project 52 Amy Horton Photography, DFW Lifestyle Photographer

She looks so cute and innocent.  Proof that looks can be deceiving. :)

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