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Custom Photography: What it isn't.-Amy Horton Photography, DFW Lifestyle Photography

One of the things that I most love about my job is hearing/seeing/reading the reaction out of a client when they see their favorite image for the first time.  I absolutely love getting happy feedback.  Part of me will admit that yes, I do like the affirmation that I sort of know what I'm doing, but part of me also loves the fact that all of the hard work that goes into an image actually has paid off.  Just FYI, guys, it REALLY is a lot of work. 

What I do, is not point and shoot photography (Wal Mart, Sears, your best friend with an awesome camera,  etc.).  There is absolutely nothing wrong with those places, if that's what you are looking for in your portraits.  I am not a photography snob, but I DO know that there is a difference between what I do, and what they do.  I spend days thinking over each session, gathering ideas, poses, and inspiration.  I choose a location tailored to the style of each client, and then when it's time for the actual session, I use the boatloads of knowledge that I try to continuously learn when using my camera.  My camera is never set on "Auto".  I am thinking of a million things at once while on our session and I love it!  How to compose the image, what is the right setting for what is behind my subject, what angle will make the colors, and features of the photo "pop", all the while trying to engage the client.  It is incredibly fun, but it is NOT easy. 

Then, when I take home your precious images, I upload them to my computer and I spend time on each photo.  I accentuate the colors, the shadows, the play of the light.  Fun, but again, not easy.  It's not a push of a button, or a computer program that runs automatically.  Each photograph is a piece of you, but it is also a piece of me.  Each photograph is a product, something that I have made. It can't simply be given away on a cd.  I understand in this market that is saturated with inexpensive photographers, that it is common to get a cd for little or nothing, but with what I do, this can't be the case.   It's my time away from my family, time invested in how YOU will react when you see the image.  Each photograph takes more than 10 minutes to edit, sometimes MUCH more. Multiply that times 30 or so images, and voila, you have at least half a day of editing.   It's why I love, the art of photography. Each session is different for each client.  Custom photography may not be for everyone, but I hope that my clients (who I tend to think of as family) will continue to treasure my work and images for years to come, and that our family will continue to grow. :)

Hugs to you and yours, Amy

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