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10 on 10 Project- The State Fair of Texas, a 10 on 10 Pictorial.

I have lived in Texas for over 7 years now and haven't made it to the state fair.. until this year!  It was amazing.  The colors, the sounds, the food, it hit me right where I love, my lens. :)  I decided to use this opportunity for my 10 on 10 to view the fair simply as a photographer, not a mom, not a wife, but just as an artist.  I love it when I can just shoot for the fun of it!

Meet Big Tex!  He is the larger than life guide to your state fair experience!

Here is the entrance to the midway!  Enter here and enjoy all of the fast, fun, rides that you or your stomach can handle!

Speaking of rides, who in the world wouldn't want to do this one!  Yay for screaming!

Color!  It's so inspiring!
The duck game!

Who doesn't love a good carousel?

What is the fair without cotton candy?

The Texas state fair is famous for it's fried concoctions.  This is fried cheesecake, it is fantastic!
My hand model was my friend, Allison.  She was my partner for this adventure!

And of course, you have to have the Texas flag to round it all out! 

Now head on over to the super talented Carey Pace to see what she has done this month!


  1. I Love it Amy! The colors are so pretty and vibrant. How fun.. the Texas state fair!! Those little duckies are adorable.. now I'm craving ducky Peeps!


  2. Love all the colors and perspectives! Lots of beautiful big Texas sky :)

  3. Gotta say....Boomer Sooner! Sorry just had to say it since we were just there Saturday. Great pics!

  4. Looks like a fantastic day! And I am someone who wouldn't go near that ride!!!! Yikes!


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