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Project 52 Week 15-Amy Horton Photography, DFW Lifestyle Photographer


One huge aspect of my life is the ministry that my husband and I have been blessed to be involved in. He is a youth pastor to some wonderful teens. I love teen ministry! While most people think that teens are hard to reason with, hard to reach, and hard to teach. I find them quite the opposite (most of the time). They are simply looking for someone who will take the time and invest in them. Someone who actually believes that they can do the things that are expected of them, and go beyond expectations. They are loud, moody, and such a gift to our family. :) These teens take up a huge part of my heart. I can't tell you how it feels to finally break through the tough exterior of a teens wall and build a discipling relationship with them. Walking with them through this time of insecurity, awkwardness, and growing up, is soemthing that I always want to be part of.

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